We have partnered with and reached agreements with various entities to implement projects to improve the overall aesthetics, safety and value of Radiokop as a whole

MSS Securement

Radiokop Residents Association is working closely with City Power to identify and secure every mini sub station in the area to secure the electricity infrastructure of the area

Adopt a Robot

Radiokop Residents Association, in partnership with various other Resident Associations within Ward 97 are working with various business and individuals to secure backup power to all traffic lights within Ward 97 to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during loadshedding

Project Cleanup

Radiokop Residents Association has teamed up with the Toolbox Community Empowerment hub to tackle neglected areas to improve the overall aesthetics of the area and provide safe, beautiful spaces for residents to walk


Radiokop Residents Association is in the process of finalizing an a agreement with various stakeholders to implement a recycling program within the area

Greenbelt Cleanup

Radiokop Residents Association is working closely with various stakeholders to clean up the greenbelt area in the hopes of being able to provide residents with a a mixed-use open green area

Erasmus Road Garden

Natural Dynamics School and Ridgecrest Family Church have generously planted a garden and assisted with the cleanup of the pavements bordering onto the open land on Erasmus Road